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Rich Gurus Reveal REAL MONEY MAKING Secrets!
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Rich Gurus Guide To Internet Marketing

Ten Gurus, a Lifetime of Expertise, One Mission...

The Time to Over-Deliver is NOW!

Three short months ago today, an online marketer made his morning
coffee, and eagerly went to his computer to check his e-mail. Logging into
one of his many accounts, he was confronted with the sight of 43 new
emails. Of these new emails, 32 subject lines read...

"New Product Launched - Must be Quick!"

"New Product Launched - Don't Miss Out!"

"New Product Launched - Only 10 Left!"

His heart sank. Disgust. Anger. Disappointment.

You see, two days earlier the exact same thing had happened. And again a
couple of days before that! The really scary thing though, was that every
SINGLE email was proudly announcing the birth of a supposedly "must-have
life-changing" new product. No repeat emails, no preliminary hyping, just a
constant wave of 'new' product launches hitting his inbox and tiring eyes every day...

And so for the next 15 minutes, the marketer opened each of these new
emails, reading and analysing. And sending every single one of them to his
trash can. By the time he had finished his coffee, his anger had become rage.

The marketer picked up the phone, found his address book, and rang his
closest friend and marketing colleague.

After much fuming, swearing, and mutual frustration, within five minutes the
two marketers had decided exactly what to do.

The time had come to take action.

You see, what those behind these supposedly 'new' products didn't realize,
was that an inner circle of the marketing elite had met in an undisclosed
location only two weeks earlier to discuss this crisis that was swarming in on
the world of Internet marketing.

What crisis? I hear you ask.

Well, it was blatantly apparent when the marketer read his emails on that fateful morning...

Too many new products, too many old ideas, too many misleading
strategies, too many Innocent Victims...

and NONE of these new products delivering what was promised!

THIS was the crisis:

A virtual tidal wave of recycled ideas and rehashed claims flooding and
tainting the world of online marketing! This demanded a solution.

This needed a coming together of the marketing elite.

So, history was made that fateful morning when one marketer made a
powerful phone call to another and decided enough was enough. The
solution was finally realized, and a new gathering of the marketing elite was

And so it began... Just two months ago, five of the finest and most
successful marketing minds met for lunch, and their brains went into
overdrive! Ideas were chucked back and forth, strategies outlined, visions
unfolded, creativity flourished.

And one common desire emerged: a desire to RECLAIM the credibility of
online marketing! To BRING BACK some sense of accountability and
standards in the most rapidly growing business arena in the entire world!

It was time to rock the industry at its foundations, to launch the solution,
and even up the playing field again... and all of this WITHOUT preying on
the desperate and vulnerable, who would part with their last dollar to find
some sort of wealth 'magic wand'...

No, this group of elite marketers wanted to release a definitive solution to
combat the 'under-performing product' crisis, and do it in a way that
was possible and achievable for ANY individual from ANY walk of life!

...a comprehensive training system that actually took you by the hand and
really showed you the TRUE ways of making serious money online.

Something unlike the fly by night "magic wand" products, which merely
promise to generate untold wealth the moment you click your fingers.

Something, as you will soon discover, that keeps EVERY promise!

So at that life-changing meeting, the marketers realized their goals and
wishes were so specific and so concrete that they needed to be set out for
the world to see!

They had to create...

The Rich Guru Manifesto!...

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