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Welcome to my online ebook newsletter for May.

This month I have some great free downloads for you again.

Last week I discussed digital delivery of your ebooks, this week I want to discuss setting up a download page rather than simply giving a download link.

What's the difference?

Ok, lets say an eBayer buys an ebook from me.

Now most ebook sellers on eBay are simply providing direct download links such as this:

The buyer downloads their ebook and you never see them again.

What I do is set up a download page like this:

Now on my download page I have:

The download link for the product.

A Sign Up form to My Aweber Auto Responder Mailing List

A Link to Easy Profit Auctions

I also have an audio message included on the sales page plus a sneaky little link for people to buy the audio software should they wish to include their own voice on their website, download pages and sales page etc etc.

Now I am guessing you can see why you need to use download pages and never give out direct download links!

You will need web hosting to host a download page, I always recommend this hosting as it's cheap, reliable and offers great support for newbies:

Cheap Web Hosting it will only cost you under £1 a week!

Also hang tight as my new ebook will also be giving you a standard download page template so that you can truly maximise all your ebook sales!

It should be ready for download very soon!

Last week I asked my subscribers for a testimonial on what their views were on my newsletter content and I was literally astounded by the response I received!

Thank you for those of you who replied.

And for those of you who took me up on my offer of babysitting shame on you!!! :)

I actually learned a lot from your responses.

I learned that many of you are sitting on the information I give you but twiddling your thumbs! It's time to get your ebook business off the ground! I know it can be scary, but you don't know until you try.

I am currently compiling a new ebook which will detail all the steps you need to take in order to get your ebook business off the ground, including a free standard ebay template that you can use for all your ebook auctions, this will help you leap frog ahead of your competition!

I want my subscribers to be the BEST resellers on eBay.

I also learned that many of you value you my emails, and some of you even look forward to reading them! I was really pleased to hear that so thank you.

I was surprised that so many of you didn't even want a link back to your ebay shop or website in return for your testimonial? I guess I have the nicest, genuine subscribers online!

And finally I was absolutely delighted that so many of you have taken the plunge in starting to write your own ebooks! Don't forget to give your fellow subscribers a free copy if you intend to give your ebooks resell rights!

I will be contacting each of the people who gave me a testimonial and giving them a free GOLD membership to my brand new website when it's up and running as way of saying thank you.

Ok enough rambling, on to this month's free downloads with Resell Rights:

All Natural Allergies & Asthma Cures by Susan Beaudu

El Passo Software Package by Dan Thompson

Internet Marketing Companion Vol 1. by Larry Combs

Ebooks Made Simple by Mark Preston

And if that's still not enough free downloads for you, then visit the free downloads page on my blog and grab some freebies from there too!

Blog Free Download Page

Don't forget to leave a comment on the blog if you visit!

Until Next Time, Sally.

PS. Have you written your own Resell Rights eBook? Why not give a free copy to fellow subscribers in the next newsletter!

Simply use the "Contact Us" button on my website to email me the details.


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eBay Easy Ebook Instant Digital Delivery
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Automated ebook website
Automated Ebook Website

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