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Fully Automated Website Store Pre-Installed with 50 resell rights ebooks

This clever ebook website is fully automated, ie. all orders, payments and delivery of ebooks are fully automated, so you do nothing once its set up!

This ebook website store comes pre-installed with 50+ new ebook titles, so you dont even need your own products, BUT if you have other ebooks to add, it takes about 5 minutes, literally child's play !

The ebook website is also customisable, so you can add you own website header graphic, change the colours of your website, change the way your website looks, make your website unique to you.

Each time someone buys a product from your ebook website their email is captured, with their permission, and you have a mailing list of hungry customers that you can email using the built in newsletter option. You can send all your customers emails at once with a click of a button and offer them your new products, special offers or anything you deem suitable.

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Many people struggle when designing ebook websites, but with this ready made ebook website you dont need to know html coding, or be a website designer, its all done for you.

You simply upload any ebook titles you have, or just sell the 50+ resell rights ebooks that are pre-installed, all sales, payments and ebook order processes are fully automated from your ebook website store so you don't have to do a single thing!

  • Fully automated sales, and product delivery - All the sales, payments and product delivery are fully automated, so you dont need to do anything.
  • Fully integrated email & newsletter option - Email one of your customers or all of them at the click of a button. Send daily, weekly or monthly newsletters offering them your new products or special offers ie. maximise on back end sales
  • Pre-Installed with 50+ ebooks - No need to worry about buying any products, you get 50 top titles ebooks already pre-installed with this ebook website AND THE BONUS EBOOKS BELOW.
I had tried to create my own ebook website but found the html coding and designing too hard. I saw this ready made website and instantly snapped it up. My site has gone from strength to strength and Im earning a good income daily. Its the best money I ever spent on starting my own home business and I recommend it to anyone.

Mary Russell, Texas, USA.


  • Pricing and Payment - Fully automated check-out procedures, accept paypal, nochex, credit or debit cards etc. You decide all the prices on your ebook website and keep 100% profits.
  • Set Download Options - You set the download options ie. when someone buys an ebook they can only download it once, twice etc, this prevents your download links being shared or given away.
  • Fully automated website linking & banner system - Get links to others ebook websites and improve your search engine rankings, easily check links back to your ebook website. Display banner ads for affiliate programs, special offers, or sell advertising space to other companies.
This automated website was ideal for me, I didnt want to be snowed under replying to emails, sending download links, and checking if payments had been received, this website does all that for me and gives me more time to focus on finding new ebooks etc. Its so simple to use even my wife can add ebooks, but dont tell her I said that. Yes, I would recommend this website to anyone wanting an income from reselling ebooks from home.

Adam Davies, England, UK.


  • Payment Currency - Accept worldwide currencies such as UK Pound, USA dollars and Euros.
  • Google Adsense - Earn even more money with the Google Adsense ads that will be displayed on your ebook website, all you do is add your free to set up, google id.
  • Website & Visitor Stats - Another feature is that you can view your ebook website statistics of your latest visitors, entry and exit pages, file downloads, where your website traffic is coming from and much more.

If you want an easy second income then use this ready made ebook website thats fully automated, there really is no better option than this ebook website goldmine.

Other people are making money reselling ebooks from these very same ebooks websites, they bought one just like I did, just like you will, they are profiting, I am profiting, now its your turn to profit.

Im hopeless when it comes to the PC and online stuff, but this website is a walk in the park. In one day my website was up and running and I even sold some ebooks. I was nervous about starting but since that first day I have never regretted buying my website or starting an online business!

John Padden, London, UK.

With this fully automated ebook website you get everything you need all squeezed into an easy to use package. You have full control over how your ebook website looks, what products you have, what prices you want to sell them for and much more. You can access all your ebook website details through an online admin area that is password protected for safety.

Once you buy your ebook website I will offer you 110% support by email, I will help guide you through the steps need to make your ebook website successful. I can also help you with buying your Domain Name URL and recommend a highly reliable hosting company who can even fully set up your ebook website so its ready to use.

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As Bonus number 2 you will receive a professionally designed logo for your new ebook website. This will improve the look of your ebook website and boost your professional image.

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If you decide to take the recommended WEB HOSTING I suggest to you then you will receive a FREE upgrade to the new and improved ebook download store containing 50 new resell rights ebooks titles, you can have your website fully installed for you AND receive 24/7 email support from the Ebook Download Store Creator.


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Sally Neill


P.S People who take chances prosper, those who dont, well no one remembers someone who almost made money do they?

P.P.S Ok important stuff, so please read : You will require to purchase a domain name and web hosting for your website, but I will recommend reliable and cheap web hosting with the ACTUAL Web designer of the website. Domain names can be purchased from as low as £2.00.

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