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Welcome to my online ebook newsletter for April.

This month I have some great free downloads for you yet again.

I also made a new post on the Inside Ebooks Blog regarding Information Overload and Impulse Buying for your benefit, so go take a read now:

I'm sure you will be suprised at how much time and money you can start saving today!

Last week I discussed brandable ebooks, but this week I want to quickly talk about digital delivery of your ebooks. I know there are many different options and that ebook sellers often find this part of selling ebooks confusing.

I would say there are 4 mains way you can digitally delivery an ebook.

Email Attachment

Outlook Express

Ebay Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery Software

I will briefly discuss each option.

Email Attachment - This is possibly the WORST option of digital delivery. This method is unprofessional, and problematic. With so many email spam filters now, it's more and more likely your email will not reach it's intended destination.

You also have to remember that ebooks come in all different sizes, some ebooks can be over 50mb in size and sending an attachment of this size in an email will take FOREVER!

Outlook Express - Ok this option is free and a little more reliable than a simple email attachment. Basically you set up rules on Outlook Express on your own pc. Then when an ebook is purchased and a payment confirmed, an email from paypal is sent to your Outlook Express, and in turn your Outlook Express Rule will instantly send an email containing the ebook download link to the purchaser.

Now this option is also very problematic, people can get free downloads just by sending an email to you, you will have to leave your pc on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that the automated emails will be sent. If your pc crashes or internet connection disconnects, no emails will be automaticall sent!

However if you wish to try this method you can download my guide on setting up Outlook Express here:

Download Automating Outlook Express Click Here

Ebay Digital Delivery - This option is also free but not all worldwide Ebay sites allow this option. I know for 100% that Ebay UK do not allow this. So you will have to check with your country's ebay support to find out if you can access this function.

If you are currently living in the UK, then you can still access Ebay's Instant Digital Delivery option, by simply listing all your ebooks through instead of This is perfectly legal and eBay will not punish you in anyway for listing this way.

My good friend Mary Russell, wrote a complete guide to listing a digital delivery item on which you can download for free, she has kindly given resell rights with it too:

Download Easy Ebay Ebook Digital Delivery

I actually searched google videos and found one that takes you through the same process which you can view by clicking the link below:

View The Google Video on Listing an Digital Delivery Item on Ebay

I would like to say that using eBay's Digital Delivery option is not 100% reliable, I have personally bought many ebooks and after payment through Paypal have not been redirected back to an instant download, but often receiving an error page, so do expect some emails from ebayers stating they did not receive their download.

Digital Delivery Software - This is possible the best option and the reason that it is not free, but it is much more reliable and the option used by most successful ebook sellers.

There are two main contenders when it comes to Digital Delivery Software:

MyDD and SmartDD.

Both are very similar in price and how they work.

Basically, once you sell an ebook on ebay or from an ebook website, this software will send out an instant email containing the download link. The software also checks payment has been made etc etc so people cannot steal free downloads from you.

You could actually list your items on ebay as digital delivery then also list them on your digital delivery software as a back up to double the chance of your ebook being delivered to the buyer.

MYDD costs $67.00usd (one time payment)

SmartDD costs $97.00*** (one time time payment)

*** If you buy SmartDD immediately after signing up, you get $30 discount and only pay $67usd, I thought I should tell you that before you go to the link ***

However I did find an excellent package where you can get a bonus download of SmartDD included with your membership.

I am actually a member, and would highly recommend any serious ebook seller to sign up, it's the only ebook selling system I would back 100% right now.

You get video demonstrations, coaching calls, free downloads, free resources, access to a private ebook seller forum and much more.

It cost's a one time payment of $97, but considering you get SmartDD (Cost $67-$97) included for free, it's an absolute steal.

If you have been watching my ebay auctions recently you will see how EPA has literally transformed the way I sell ebooks now.

So when you are considering which Digital Delivery Software to use I urge you to spend the extra $30 and go for EPA, get the FREE BONUS Digital Delivery Software and grab an entire ebook selling coaching system too!

Here is the link if you want to find out more:

EPA - The Only Ebay Ebook Success System

Ok, now on to this month's free resell rights ebooks, simply click the title names to download.


Pasta Master Class (From Grumpy Old Chef)

Advanced Attraction (From Victoria Welch)

Headline Swipe File (By Aurelius Tjin)

And if that's still not enough free downloads for you, then visit the free downloads page on my blog and grab some freebies from there too!

Blog Free Download Page

Until Next Time, Sally.

PS. Have you written your own Resell Rights eBook? Why not give a free copy to fellow subscribers in the next newsletter!

Simply use the "Contact Us" button on my website to email me the details.


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eBay Easy Ebook Instant Digital Delivery
eBay Easy Ebook Instant Digital Delivery
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Automated Ebook Website

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